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My name is Erin Blaskie and I've been helping businesses create beautiful web spaces since 2004.  When WordPress hit the scene as an alternative to the traditional, stagnant, HTML-based website, my interest was piqued and I installed a fresh copy on my own web server and ported my website onto that platform.

Since 2004, my team and I have built well over 200 websites, sales pages and landing pages - all on the WordPress platform.  We still design websites for people but we realized something else along the way - there are people out there who need a fabulous web space but who can't afford it.  Or, there are business owners who need quicker changes made to their websites and they sit, waiting on their designer to make the appropriate changes.

If you want to learn how to create your own website or learn how to update and maintain your existing site, then this program is for you.

Do you wish your website looked half this good?

"When I signed up for Erin’s program, all I knew was that I was a technophobe who prayed I wouldn’t hold up the class. To my surprise, I found myself creating my very first blog on my own by Wednesday morning. That was just after two classes! It was actually me doing FTP magic — and I could scarcely believe it." - Diane F.

Introducing a Fresh and Affordable Option
for Website Design & Maintenance

Understanding How to Do Something in Your Business is Not Only Empowering, It's Smart

If you are struggling to get your business website off the ground due to lack of funds or the fear of relinquishing control to someone else, the Build Your Own Business Website program (formerly known as Blog Design Bootcamp) might just be the solution to that problem.

I am going to level with you here for a moment… when is the last time that you put out money toward something in your business and truly saw results from it? What is the last thing that you purchased that actually ended up saving you REAL dollars immediately? The answer to these questions may be: never.

A lot of businesses are going online these days as they realize that the Yellow Pages are a dying media. Consumers are no longer using offline methods to find the services and products that fit their needs — they are going online and doing business with those that have a web presence built.

Now, if you’re one of these businesses, you might be struggling with coming up with the capital to build a website or update and manage your existing one. Believe me, we’ve seen it before — a business wants to go online, doesn’t have the capital, they wait forever and next thing you know, they’ve missed out on a huge opportunity.

So, what if I were to teach you how to build your own website, get it on a successful platform and manage and maintain it for as long as you own it? What if I also told you that the platform I am going to teach you is FREE with your hosting (the stuff you pay for regardless of what kind of website you own)?

The Build Your Own Business Website program is going to teach you EXACTLY how to get your website up and running on WordPress — one of the most popular and powerful systems out there right now.

The BYOW program is a virtual-based program, which can be done from your home or office at any time of your choice. You’ll have instant access to the material whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.

During each video, you'll be able to watch my screen as I take you through everything you need to know to set up and maintain your website.

The Build Your Own Business Website is going to teach you how to:

  • Install WordPress, a powerful blogging / website platform, on your hosting account
  • Install a theme using WordPress
  • Understand how to choose a theme (and the differences in paid/free themes)
  • Install plug-ins to add extra functionality to your site (social media integration, forms, etc.)
  • Customize the theme to suit your branding and logo
  • Add content to your WordPress site, including pages and posts
  • Install and configure Google Analytics for site tracking
  • Install and configure your opt-in box for list building

The Goal of this Program is to Help You:

  • Be able to set up your own business website from scratch
  • To not have to rely on someone else to update and maintain your website
  • To learn a valuable skill for your service-based business (should you choose to do this as a service)
  • Be able to launch micro-sites and sales pages when you need them for FREE
  • and so much more…

Given the skill set that you will possess after this program, you will save yourself a TON of money in your bottom line.

Tara Kachaturoff

Owner, PersonalBrandEssentials.com

“I highly recommend taking Blog Design Bootcamp. I’ve taken many classes from Erin Blaskie and I’ve found them all to be top-notch. Her commitment to quality is evident from start to finish. Blog Design Bootcamp was yet another outstanding course. In fact it was unbelievable. I had my high expectations as usual, but this course far exceeded them. Delivered in an intensive 5-day webinar format, Erin covered literally the entire process of designing a blog. The class was perfect for both virtual assistants as well as for “do-it-yourself” entrepreneurs.”

Sheri McConnell

CEO of the Smart Women’s Institute

“The program is amazing! I would pay 3 times the price that I paid for this program, I honestly don’t know of anything on the Internet right now that is this comprehensive right now on the subject.”

Kristin Crawford

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent training you delivered during the Blog Design Bootcamp. I am just getting started as an online entrepreneur, and have been getting prices from website designers. They want to charge at least $900 to create a website for me. After taking this training, I can not only create a blog, but I can create an entire website to support my new business. I feel completely prepared to do this for myself and prospective customers. I can’t wait to get started.”

Build Your Own Website Program Schedule

Course Outlines are Always Flexible, If There is Something You Need, Let Us Know!

Carrie Anderson, BA

Owner, The Virtual Inch

“Hi Erin,I just want to thank you for the classes this week – they were fantastic! It’s really hard not to gush about how wonderful it really was. Someone in class was saying they have spent hours figuring things out on their own – well, me too! There is so much information out there – at times is can be overwhelming. I needed someone to set out the key elements of blog design to see if there were important elements I was missing, especially if I was going to offer this as a service. Your class definitely clarified things for me. Every minute of each class was jam-packed with valuable information which to me translates into getting value for my money. Erin, I know I’m not the first person say this but you really have an easy-breezy way of delivering your training – your classes are motivating, confidence building and such a pleasure to attend.”


  • What is a blog?
  • Installing the blog platform with the one-click install feature
  • Using an FTP client to upload files – themes, plug-ins, etc.
  • Choosing and installing a theme
  • General overview of the dashboard – all the features, settings, etc.
  • The basic plug-ins that come pre-installed with WordPress and how to set them up
  • Advanced plug-ins and customization


  • Understanding the different design files inside of the Design — Theme Editor
  • Adding a custom header / logo
  • Working with sidebar widgets
  • Working with the CSS to make changes to colors, etc.
  • Setting up Google Analytics on the blog from day one
  • Setting up a feed through an RSS feed reader


  • Creating and managing categories
  • Creating and managing pages
  • Creating and managing posts
  • Setting up permissions / privacy / allowances for the blog
  • Backing up the blog

You can also ask questions throughout the program.

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This Training Program Will Give YOU the Power Over Your Website

When You Invest $147 into Our Program, You'll Receive:

  • 3 x 1 hour pre-recorded videos broken into five parts each (15+ videos!)
  • A 30-Point Checklist for the Design Process for WordPress Sites (PDF and PowerPoint)
  • Internet Marketing Funnel Template (PDF)
  • 51-Point Checklist for Building Websites (PDF)
  • How to Create a Website That Sells (PDF)
  • HTML, CSS and WordPress Cheat Sheets
  • How to Get More Love for Your Blog Posts (PDF)
  • 10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Platform (PDF Transcript)
  • Ready Made Marketing Plan for Blogging (PDF)
  • Launch Strategy for a New Blog

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The investment for this program is only $147! We promise you that you’ll earn this back quickly. Most web designers and web maintenance individuals charge $75/hour, which means you get your investment back within just two hours of web maintenance!

Remember, we have a 100% money-back guarantee so if it turns out that the program isn’t what you were hoping for or what you expected, cancel and we’ll give you a full refund!

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When you enrol in the Build Your Own Website program, you are signing up for a comprehensive training program complete with full, downloadable video recordings. You are protected by our 100% money-back guarantee.  If you should, for any reason, not find value in this program, you can request a refund and we will honor it.


Meet Your Trainer, Erin Blaskie

As Passionate About Teaching Others as She is About Doing Business the Smart Way

Erin Blaskie, also known as the Bizinatrix, is in a hot, passionate love affair with the Internet. Whether she is leading her team of creative, outsourcing professionals or sharing information via the web, Erin brings to the table her enormous passion for tech, geek and the Internet.

Erin has been an online video host for Butterscotch.tv and Tucows as well as co-hosting the Macgasm video podcast; has been involved in large-scale social media activations with Ogilvy & Mather; and has serviced high profile clients such as Travelocity, Crystal Light, Tassimo, Shredded Wheat, Dove and Magnum Ice Cream. Erin was turned into a video game character in the iPhone / iPad game “Bar Star.” She also provides guest blog posts for Lawyerist, the Young Entrepreneur Council and Microsoft’s Business on Main site.

Erin is also the reason that Basecamp now has a pop-up calendar on their milestones section, she influenced the lifestream movement amongst the blogging community and she helps companies spread the word about her favorite toys and tools across the online medium.

Erin has also been featured in five print books; received two business awards at the 2010 Bootstrap Awards; honoured as Office Arrow’s 2008 Runner-Up Business Woman of the Year; has been interviewed by countless gurus and media personalities; is featured in major magazines and news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Inc.com, Huffington Post, AMEX Open Forum, Portfolio.com, Examiner.com, About.com, Business Insider, Chatelaine, Costco Connection, ABC and CBC; and has been asked to speak at both national and international events including WordCamps in New York City, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto.