Share Your Expertise

Want to get some exposure for your website, your Twitter profile and your Facebook page while also sharing your expertise and lending credibility to your brand?

We’re going to be doing a series of blog posts that feature YOUR collective responses.  The posts will feature your headshot, links to your website and social media profiles (excellent for SEO purposes too!) and your response to the questions you choose to answer.  We will be gathering up approximately 5-10 answers per post and will be scheduling them onto our blog over at and of course, sharing the posts out to all of our social networks!

It’s super simple to participate:

  1. Take a look at the questions below and add your responses to any of them that you feel capable of answering.
  2. Make sure to include the pieces where we ask you for your website address, social media URLs, etc.
  3. Click the box where we ask for your permission to use your headshot.
  4. Submit your responses!

If selected for a post, we’ll be in touch with the date that it will go live and we’ll also be Tweeting it with your handle, sharing it on Facebook, etc.