30 Days, 30 Ways: A Free E-mail Series on Delegation & Efficient Businesses

If you’re in business, there is a good chance that you are in love with what you do. That’s my favorite part about entrepreneurs – the passion, baby! However, we entrepreneurs also have a TON of things on our plates that we don’t love to do.

Between managing our e-mail, our calendar, getting content out onto our social media profiles and our blogs, the accounting, the phone calls to return, the e-mail marketing content to write, the press releases to distribute, etc., etc., it can be a bit overwhelming and some days impossible to stay on top of it all.

In the past, we’ve offered up a 30 Days of Delegation series at no cost. It was an e-mail series that delivered one e-mail per day for thirty days that had ideas and tips on what you can delegate, how and why you should even be doing it in your business in the first place. It was a really popular series that we then converted to an e-book.

Given that many people loved the series back in the day, we decided that it was high time to revive it and give you new reasons to delegate and give you some sound strategy and advice along the way. So, we’ve brought it back in a new format and with a new title: “30 Days, 30 Ways: Creating an Efficient Business While Delegating Away the Things You Aren’t Passionate About.”

Ideally, this series will make you feel less overwhelmed about your business, give you confidence in the idea of building your own team and give you renewed confidence that you CAN do it all, have it all and be it all without losing your sanity in the process.

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