Sponsorship Opportunities

Part of the work we do involves bringing targeted, on-topic content to our network.

At present, we have over 27,000 people in our network on Twitter, over 7,000 on Facebook, a YouTube channel with over 5,000 subscribers and video views well over the 1M mark and our LinkedIn and Google+ profiles are also robust.  We highly value our networks and we strive to bring them interesting, engaging and exciting information and opportunities.

If you are looking to partner with us by way of a sponsored blog post, sponsored social media updates or you’d like to send us a product or book to review, you’ll find the information to do so on this page.  If you do not see a potential partnership opportunity below that makes sense for what you need to accomplish, contact us and we can probably work something out.

This goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway - our opinion can not be bought and we reserve the right to decline any sponsorship request if the information, product, book or service is not in alignment with who we are as a company or if it is not something that our audience will find interesting.  This is why you will not find quick check out options on this page.  We will review every request prior to accepting it.

Blog Post Sponsorship

If you’re looking to reach our blog audience, you can do so by way of a sponsored blog post.  You can provide the content and we’ll add our own commentary to it and post or we can create a blog post completely from scratch using parameters that are defined by you.  The cost for a sponsored blog post is in the range of $100-250 depending on how much original content creation is required on our end.

Social Media Updates Sponsorship

If you want to reach our social media channels, you can do so by way of sponsored Tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates or Google+ updates.  You can provide the content or we will write original content - whichever you prefer.  We do reserve the right to modify all content to suit our “voice” but we will not change the overall intention of the update.  The cost for sponsored updates is solely dependent on how many updates you would like done but on average, clients spend anywhere from $100-250 for 10-25 updates.

Solo Mailing to Our List

If you want to reach our list of confirmed and verified prospects and the message is something that will resonate nicely and provide value, you can also consider sponsoring a solo mailing to our list.  You can provide the content or we can create something original to promote whatever it is you are promoting. We do reserve the right to modify the content to suit our “voice” and we will more than likely add short commentary to provide the reason for our e-mail, etc. but we will not change or modify the overall message.  The cost for a solo mailing to our list is in the range of $150-400 depending on the amount of original content that is needed.