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One of the projects we worked on recently involved setting up social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) for a client who did not yet have a strong presence on these sites and in some cases, wasn’t on the sites at all.  Along with setting up the profiles, we also implemented strategies to grow the following at each site and we put systems in place to push new content to the sites on a regular basis.

Social Media Set Up

For this project, we:

  • Set up each of the social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)
  • Developed initial campaigns to recruit fans to the fan page
  • Developed and implemented e-mail marketing campaigns to recruit fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter and YouTube
  • Managed each social media account and monitored engagement
  • Created and managed Facebook ads

Reputation Management

A large part of the project was also the set up and maintenance of a reputation management system in which we:

  • Monitored the client’s web presence and watched for positive and negative feedback
  • Communicated and relayed important messages on behalf of the client

Content Generation

To ensure that relevant, useful and timely information was hitting each of these social media profiles, we:

  • Updated the various sites with industry related articles, upcoming events, discussion groups, blogs, videos and images on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Developed marketing campaigns on social networking sites to reach out to external targets and internal friends

Online Marketing

While we were doing all of the various social media pieces, we also plugged in some online marketing to ensure that our efforts to attract in new people did not go to waste.  We needed somewhere to send them beyond the social media profile.  For this, we:

  • Set up a WordPress blog that was branded to the site and to the social media profiles
  • Maintained the blog on an on-going basis by posting new blogs, tagging them and adding images
  • Provided ghostwriting services for all blog posts, which pointed people back to the client’s primary website
  • Monitored comments
  • Performed social bookmarking activities to spread the blog post beyond just the initial reach
  • Promoted posts across all social media networks

Growth Charts

In doing all of this, here are the growth charts our clients experienced while our activities were taking place:

All in all, a huge success for our client.

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  1. Ken says:

    This is a great example of building a strong online presence. How many of those followers and fans converted to sales? Or was the goal to build awareness only?

  2. williamsadvisorygroup says:

    Great step by step information on how you built a presence for this client. I agree with Ken, I would love to hear how that is converting to sales and revenue. Maybe a follow-up article in a few months to show how it truly brought value to their bottom line. Thanks for sharing.

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